1. Opposing Forces
    HiddenRoad x RunOn

  2. Dogmatic
    The Mongrelz

  3. Toe to Toe with Titans
    HiddenRoad & M-Acculate

  4. Hidden Underground 4: New Power Rising

  5. Discipline of the Warrior
    HiddenRoad x DJ Chico Swav A

  6. Jokes On You
    Don Ciotti

  7. Iso-Elation

  8. Three The Hard Way
    Fubar, HiddenRoad & M-Acculate

  9. The 5th Element
    Neaality Gandhi

  10. The Collection Vol.2
    HRS Presents

  11. The Lone Swordsman

  12. C-4
    HiddenRoad vs. A Dude Named Drew

  13. Outlawz
    Pale Riderz

  14. Walking Through Flames

  15. Full Steam Vol. 2
    HRS Presents

  16. Back On (feat. Billy Boi)

  17. The Archive
    HiddenRoad & N95

  18. A Man With A Hammer In A Land Of Fine China

  19. The Collection Vol.1
    HRS Presents

  20. I Am Machine
    HiddenRoad & GreenFingers

  21. Earth Island

  22. Empyrean Takeover

  23. The Magic Show
    HiddenRoad x Jazz Williams

  24. Full Steam Vol. 1
    HRS Presents

  25. Hidden Underground Vol. 3
    HRS Presents

  26. Lights, Camera, Action!
    Neaality Gandhi & GreenFingers

  27. Origins
    HRS Presents

  28. The Scumbag & The Scoundrel
    M-Acculate & Uncle Bungle

  29. In the Underground

  30. HRSUnderground (It's a Movement)

  31. Return of the Warrior

  32. Emerge
    M-Acculate & S.S

  33. The Wolf and the Lion
    HiddenRoad & Neaality Gandhi

  34. The Underworld
    HiddenRoad & Uncle Bungle

  35. Meditations
    Neaality Gandhi & Nur

  36. HRS Generals (Remixed by Bofaat)
    HiddenRoad & M-Acculate

  37. 731666
    Lucifers Apostles

  38. Hidden Underground Vol. 2
    HRS Presents

  39. 2+2=5 (a tribute to society)
    John Rhymer

  40. Mental Hell
    John Rhymer & A Dude Named Drew

  41. Underground Influence

  42. Far from Perfect

  43. Into the Void

  44. The Whole World
    HiddenRoad vs. A Dude Named Drew

  45. The Trinity
    HiddenRoad, M-Acculate & Anonymous the Barchitect (Prod. Illternal Beats)

  46. The M-Acculate Collection
    HRS Presents

  47. Stony Road
    HiddenRoad & GreenFingers

  48. Off Da Leash
    Pale Riderz

  49. Hidden Chronicles
    HRS Presents

  50. Lost Generation
    HiddenRoad vs. A Dude Named Drew

  51. King of Games

  52. Conflict

  53. Hidden Underground
    HRS Presents

  54. No Love
    HiddenRoad & N95

  55. Nightmare in the Dark
    HiddenRoad vs. A Dude Named Drew (Hosted by DJ Chico Swav A)

  56. Featuring HiddenRoad Vol. 1
    HRS Presents

  57. In The Dark
    HiddenRoad vs. A Dude Named Drew

  58. The Way of the Warrior

  59. Outlaws to the End

  60. In Flames


HRSUnderground Fort Worth, Texas

Hardcore Hip-Hop / Rap over dope beats that go BANG.

For years, HiddenRoad & M-Acculate scoured the underground to assemble TONS of gritty albums and songs featuring themselves and other like minded rappers and producers from around the world. Culminating with the 2022 release of Hidden Underground 4, one story has officially come to its end; and yet, a new book begins.. ... more

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