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by HiddenRoad

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Good Morning 02:00
Verse 1 Good morning to the world, another night, we made it through Another fight, somebody killed, he had a baby too Breathe in the sorrow, exhale, tomorrow's Coming before you know it, the future is not to far away What else can I say? I'm fading Never imagined myself in this place feeling amazing Ain't it crazy, I was headed for rough times Tough lives all around, any second we just die, ok Always living up to the name Isolation, stay Hidden, talked myself out the game Fuck shame, I just want to live unbothered, no blame Fuck fame, live enslaved to the dollar? no way Verse 2 Another sunrise, look into my son's eyes, smiles The world is plenty dark, full of tribulation and trials Touch the dial, switch the station, just for a moment A chance at atonement? Who gives a fuck, just own it The minstrels keep moaning, the human story bitter Sweet and sour, feed the jitters, we're the children, their the sitters There is so much left to see, but all that's gold, it doesn't glitter Listen, life is ours to have and it's time we go and get her Shadows looming ahead, but for now feel the sun rays Warm kiss to forehead, green grass beckon, come play Some say, life is what you make it and it's so Not much different than anything, nurtured the plant will grow So much anger, still it lurks, reason I keep the mask on Still today I'm feeling good, contemplative, fuck a sad song Yeah we made it, the words sweet as honey tea, have some On this journey, bound together from the first to the last one
Nobody 02:10
Verse 1 Nobody fuckin' with me, yall products of the envy Enemies living within me, plenty villains in assembly Eventually fills the empty cosmos with energy Gods groan when nobody loves home, progeny fails Broken, no sails, stone circles, no rails Steep stairs, it's a long way up, don't fail Speak braille for the blind, seek thought on the trail Find me wandering my way to the top, pop out the shell Nobody understands, don't nobody know the dance Stuck inside, just me and my mind See me coming, run, hide, 'cause nobody stand a chance Verse 2 I see you up front while I'm creeping through the background Fight my way out of this mob, I lay the smack down Serious since 05, never be the class clown Situation sad, even the dog want to rap now Frauds pushing wack sounds, hos pullin' dicks Immaturity is rampant, I'm too grown for this shit Unknown than a bitch, nobody in the mist Nobody even close, not a ghost in my midst Solo how it started, so low how it ends Looking back it's hard to imagine those bozos as my friends Focal point of the journey, no matter how hopeless it gets Better to die fighting to be better than just to live A veteran of the skids, best believe I been through it It's better to let 'em live, we were just kids stupid Reckless, running for the thrill alone, truant Breakfast of champions, cooked to a crisp and ruined
Still Broke 02:11
Verse 1 Born broker than a joke, North side, River Oaks Working class folks, busy whippin' up the oats Mom and Dad bustin' ass just to give us what we had Never comprehended how hard it was 'till I became a dad Not mad, never that, appreciate what was given But if I didn't grow up in hoarder's filth, would I be any different? So many forms of prison, Granny sick before dementia Rotten apples, spoiled meat, cardboard boxes, every inch was Despoiled, noxious, roaches scurry bold as fuck Not only lack of cash, many ways to be broke as fuck Broken soul, broken spirit, the masters withhold the carrot Hopeful clerics pray to the gods, hoping they hear it I know they fear him, his eminence most high My biggest fear is I might turn into her before I go die Oh my, now you see the way of it, don't lie I may be broke as fuck, but try and pay it no mind Verse 2 I been stepped on, dope but still slept on Thought shit would fall into place, but I was dead wrong Headstrong, will of the ox, piling the debt on Swear it's gonna pan out, moving on to the next song Next move, set the plan in motion, give it my best too Repute is lacking? be certain they all will test you Best you remember where we been, there's still hope Successful in many ways but inside we still broke
In Tune 02:15
Verse 1 Rocket ship engage, make my way out the maze Sheep look to be enslaved from the cradle to the grave Get paid, knowledge is the currency that pays Next grade, level up, hurry it's time to play Ok, walking the block with headphones on Bumpin' Audible books on tape, fucking with some novels Put a book before a model, go fuck yourself the motto Hit the throttle, we came to do it with ten toes down Keep the endo round, rollin' with windows down Cruising into town, shit is really mental Opposite of gentle, a lot of energy pent up No matter the opposition, remember to keep your chin tucked Fist up, yelling get fucked pussy I can handle a lot of pressure but just don't push me Back me into a corner, no fronts, July to June Go boom, heavy metal, always keeping it in tune Verse 2 Memories in tow, go for broke, don't choke On this rock you evolve or you croak, no joke Survival of the fittest don't mean what you think it does I keep my head up even if you keep sinking, cause The depths our cold, we born to grow old Stand erect 'till your knees start to fold Be bold, and stand out like italic fonts Break the mold, we all started out as phallic once Cause callous is as callous does Nature over nurture, wolves howling at the clouds above Demanding that the moon will come soon Let the music go on, we keepin' this shit in tune


Preparing for 2022 by carving this last drop in the ethos for 2021; HiddenRoad is artifact; Hidden is the past... HiddenRoad is the future. Where do we find elation, if not in isolation? Perseverance has never been stronger..


released December 15, 2021

Written & Performed by HiddenRoad
Produced by Jazz Williams
Mixed & Mastered by Matrix Audio
HRSUnderground, LLC 2021


all rights reserved



HRSUnderground Fort Worth, Texas

Hardcore Hip-Hop / Rap over dope beats that go BANG.

For years, HiddenRoad & M-Acculate scoured the underground to assemble TONS of gritty albums and songs featuring themselves and other like minded rappers and producers from around the world. Culminating with the 2022 release of Hidden Underground 4, one story has officially come to its end; and yet, a new book begins.. ... more

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