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Jokes On You

by Don Ciotti

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Joker Style 03:58
Verse 1 You don’t really wanna test me I get a perfect score no questy You walk with a bowl. Without the nestle Stuck in the friend zone Your the bestie You beg for p God damn your thirsty Want a clapped up bitch That’s dirrrrrty This beat is murky Stay bulletproof When I enter the booth I speak the truth You can bring your troops Call me the hitman With a tie and suit Underdog (echo) I’m about to get loose Been let off the leash And without a noose Can call me Zeus Cos I bring the thunder My flow like rain Tappin on your roof Iv got the juice Omar Epps So lyrically I will aim and shoot But il call a truce If you bow down now No doubt In my ends I’m the man right now Tryna cut down Put the can down now Nose still clean No grams right now Live life Got a lil man right now Time moves Quicker than sand right now Put your hands up Put the knife down now I swear down We’ve all gone mad right now Right now Feelin marvel DC Ous ous Karate miyagi Push push No spot 10 k X10 Ving Rhames OG Iv never been lowkey Like a shot to your vein might OD Now it’s my world like OC You’ll see I’m a bear don’t poke me...what Hook I’m sicker than Bane Hunger pains Switching lanes In the game For the love Not the fame Bring the pain Rollin mane I’m rollin mane Verse 2 I’m a bit psycho maybe Living in a world that's shady Na it don’t phase me Ain’t a violin Don’t play me.... Shit can get crazy Fight on the daily Love me or hate me Pushin up daisies Turn the other cheek You don’t wanna face me Came into the world As a misfit Was skinny kid Now built like a Brick shit With a hit list Don’t risk it I bit quick No Saint Nick I’m the king of the sick shit Peep it My thoughts are the deepest Played by demons cut back the weed Man with a plan like Socrates Gonna blow like a fan You can feel the breeze Freeze New world order Lord of the ring Like sgt. Slaughter Bringin the scoop Like I’m a porter Read all the books Now I’m the author Took to this shit Duck to water Laid my path Bricks and mortar Make your head Dizzee Boy in the corner Food for thought So place an order Look I’m a joker jester Create energy like uncle Fester Try me on sly Like names Sylvester Your Tweedy Pie I’m built for pressure Ain't no one better If you want deep shit I got that shit You want to party Got that shit Wanna get rowdy Got that shit Want good vibes Got that shit Want a story Got that shit Wanna dedication Got that shit Want some humor Got that shit Want a diss track Got that shit Retrospective Got that shit Fuck the system Got that shit Don C man I got all that shit...
Verse 1 As I light a cig And pour another brandy I'm trapped within these four walls Lookin for a plan b They don’t understand me They don’t really have to... I crack a smile and laugh Never worry what does that do Causes panic it’s manic I’m losin balance It’s a habit see a bottle and grab it then pop a tablet like skinnyman said let’s av it! Let’s be avin ya Corona shit can suck my ..... Id say that shit on camera Imma stay on topic I’m just bein honest Gonna take alot to stop it need to rock it and drop it lets come together rise like a rocket Ain't talkin literal While we’re on lockdown Meditate and get spiritual My mind state is at its pinnacle Stay woke to the lies can see it in my peripheral Situations pitiful but truss me there’ll be better days we’re stuck up in a maze all we need is a raise I’m flippin the page... Hook Walk Free Yeah you walk free But your minds in chains you ain’t got ‘no key’ Verse 2 It gets deeper Your following the leader When they make you a believer Music is my healer when wired to the speaker If you need your fix I’m your man I’m the dealer (reverb) It takes the pain away Channel in my energy and use it in a better way I woke up today So I can’t complain when there’s people in the world found slain or lying in a grave We’re waiting on change on equality Put hands in your pockets get our people out of poverty (reverb) The higher power are a minority Let’s raise up like Petey Pablo Fidel Castro Make it hotter than Tabasco Stop the cash flow Too busy sayin yes Now it’s time to say no (reverb) No more walkin on a wire can’t hold me down nah my mama raised a fighter... Verse 3 It maybe took this To realize what we have So much more to life than havin freshest garms And a flash jag It’s been a drag So I’m puffin out the window EnJ sippin Mind trippin No endo (reverb) My thoughts racin as I’m thinkin bout my loved ones Feel the grippin on my lungs Huggin on my son It’s just begun No more free will The green pill I’m double dropping I ain’t stopping Till the reaper knockin Shits feelin like we’re running out of options The government been cookin up concoctions Got us at a stand still Bodies drop Filling up the landfills People writing wills Ready fighting over last meals Fear kills But that’s the way it was planned My back against the wall But I be throwing them hands (reverb) We just gotta keep our head above the water Peace to all the men the women Sons and daughters...
verse 1 I been fighting with my demons It can get dirty heaters and cleavers I never fight clean man I'll take you to the cleaners Throw you a snickers your actin like diva’s Iv got the wood for the beavers But Iv settled down Put my foot down Fila’s (reverb) Il make you all believers So please don’t make me an enemy Jesus But on the flip side I’m a nice guy and equally nice with the pen If I say I’m gonna ride manna ride to the end I got a few good men And a few enemies Cool like Keith Man I’m down for the beef Man how ya gonna eat Little baby teeth Just save it Screech Your like a 12 inch dick gettin in too deep Insomniac You will get no sleep I’m on your back Khabib nurmegomedov Huddle up huddle up let’s, face off Never scared I’m prepared for takeoff The takeover Drunk or sober I roll paper A big smoker Strong as an ox Stay wise like Yoda Manna ain’t over the hill like Jonah (reverb) Hook Come thru like, what (reverb) Put fire to my spliff like, what (reverb) Got the piff and the sniff like, what (reverb) We were born with the gift like What what Verse 2 Gonna leave heads spinnin Fidget Like a pancake cooked it up then I flipped it Mad flows rippin like a banjo fans go damn bro! Dudes off the chain like django How far can the man go? Got the mic check one two Tango (reverb) I’m goin in hard like an asbo, sambo, you don’t want the aggro, Rambo Cos I'm too hot to handle Sprayin my name all around like a vandal I'm deadin rappers Lightin up a candle Tic tac toe I’m on a roll like kryto I slice and dice call me Kimbo I don’t need to be a star like Ringo I’m full man Half Mandingo I been rackin up numbers Bingo But I ain’t talkin bout the birds in the sack I be talkin about puttin h town on the map Bring the flavor to your ear like Mack Iv been waiting for a standing ovation Clap clap Bring it back bring it back Just play the track through And then, rewind that Cos the beat is phat Simple life came with the heat I just had to put it on wax
Live to Die 04:30
Verse 1 There was times had me feelin like I wanna end it Hit the bottom for a second and I really meant it Then something in me snapped I came to my senses Thinkin that would be selfish So I, deaded it (reverb) Pardon the pun Cos suicide it ain’t no joke Watch your life flash before your eyes And goin, up in smoke (reverb) I sit back and take a long toke Grab the scissors cut the rope Take them pills out my throat Even when I’m feeling like there’s no hope I would never take the easy way out Life’s hard But you only get one So I ain’t done Until I’m in the ground Never quittin I’m hittin Let’s go another round Man existing is a privilege R.I.P to those who jumped from The Golden State bridge I’m guessing when they left they had one wish That when they leave this earth There’s something better than this... Hook I don’t wanna die..... I don’t wanna die..... I don’t wanna die..... I don’t wanna die I wanna live and then fly.. Verse 2 After the sun Comes the rain Then back to the sun Then back to the rain Pleasure and pain What I’m tryna say is like the weather we change We grow Life ain’t a race I’m takin it slow I came Through the struggle found the light through the dark So even on my down days in my eyes you see a, little spark (reverb) Barely scratched the surface But I’m leaving a mark I rose Like a Phoenix from the ashes I don’t wanna die That’s the thing I’m fearing the most What happens when we go An unsolved mystery It gets me on a low That one day I will be history Get another go? Resurrection is a theory We ain’t promised tomorrow That’s why I count my blessings I'm just happy that I’m breathing When a child is born that means another one is leaving The circle of life Many people still grieving... Verse 3 Now Iv got a little son who relies on me It’s all eyes on me If I ended my life.. as he’s starting his you could see the irony I’m grabbing life by the horns I’m in the, drivers seat And I’m swerving While I’m still learning My fire still burning The worlds still turning Lost my mind in the past and now I’m still searching Iv been mending a broken heart It’s, still hurting 1 I’m takin it a step at a time Day by day Line by line Play by play Alpha to omega Never sever memories Iv made Cos whether good or the bad A big part they’ve played Its like Iv been saved called In the goal keeper Flip the bird a middle finger to the grim reaper For when he grabbed me by my neck had me in a sleeper Better luck next time I'll see ya when I see ya...
Verse1 I see you hopin for the best But prepare for the worst As I come through with 6 shots And put you in a hearse Add another 6 Then fuck it And another 6 For good measure Your pain be my pleasure Iv walked through the fire Call me hot stepper Set wrecker I stay cool like Don Mega prayin in the mecca But you don’t wanna push it like Salt and Peppa Il get hype and spikey like a Stega The coke on the dresser My Brandy at arms reach Your tied up I covered your mouth Now you can’t speak Iv been waitin for the day that our paths meet The car seat ammo for the power, devour Your weak like seven days Meek like Mill If what I speak is real Then you’ll be meetin your maker The heat you feel You signed the deal on the paper Your fate is sealed Call me the Undertaker... Hook I drop the ILL bomb I strike like a Megalodon Pluck the life out your body Now your feathers have gone Red bull don't give you wings imma say it’s a con The fat lady never sings man they got it all wrong Verse 2 You don’t ever wanna clash with a titan Sucked up in the drama you don’t want it I be Dyson I want that good karma Dali Lama Got dirt like a farmer No Punji Snake charmer... I see you runnin with a knife But my blades sharper Commit the crime Then whine Your a martyr I hear ya didn’t cut it like a barber Obama You played your trump card It got darker The father The son And the holy ghost Il give you a dose Of your own medicine Cos I’m badder than most 12 years + I am a veteran Blood sweat and tears Soulja boy I been tellin em Straight to your cerebellum You’ll reach heaven If you atone you’re sins I mean 7 (reverb) Your hand on the bible I’m clutching a rifle Forever be your idol For now I’m your rival... Verse 3 Your a bully I hate bullies I say fully Il be the judge, the executioner And the jury You ain’t got the balls To see the fury The Menace I’m Dennis Your Pookie I’m Tookie Iv earned my stripes In the streets Your a newbie It’ll take more than a gang of neeks To do me Screw me Screw you Bitch I’m the who’s who Now shut the fuck up Before I curse you with the voodoo You bit off more than you chew like FUBU Your doo doo Dodo Talk shit No dough You say Bro?! But my manz are on the road though I say so!! Your little crabs in a bucket A needle in a haystack I’m shootin up your turret It’s payback I shoulda sniped ya way back Were like brothers man Now It hurts to say that Like wolves in a pack Now my heart remains black...


…so.. you think its funny???

well.. surprise, surprise, because the JOKES ON YOU !!

Don Ciotti rips through 6 tracks on his debut HRS release and makes it clear he is no clown for your amusement.


released February 12, 2022

Written & Performed by Don Ciotti (except features)
Mixed & Mastered by Matrix Audio
HRSUnderground, LLC 2022


all rights reserved



HRSUnderground Fort Worth, Texas

Hardcore Hip-Hop / Rap over dope beats that go BANG.

For years, HiddenRoad & M-Acculate scoured the underground to assemble TONS of gritty albums and songs featuring themselves and other like minded rappers and producers from around the world. Culminating with the 2022 release of Hidden Underground 4, one story has officially come to its end; and yet, a new book begins.. ... more

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