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Empyrean Takeover

by HiddenRoad

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Notus 02:32
Notus… Note to self.. I was born on the Southwind, U.S., central South end Texas heat melt the concrete, burn your mouth friend Where I, where I been, we worked outside Growing up, something tough, friends on the Southside East side, West, head North in the summer New comers get burned up, bummer I’m talking hot, one-ten, what a bitch What I’m saying is, this here’s the sitch Population growing fast, large expansions Slums replaced by mansions… You ever seen gentrification on a large scale? Have you ever walked the line and cracked, from the hard sale? Bottled shit, time to clean the garage, yard sale Hard as hell to pop the lock, more drugs than cartels We hit the streets on holidays, just ask the wife She was there when we sacked the green and packaged up the white What a life, just a taste, let’s move on away From the truth, want proof?, never that, oh not today Or tomorrow, like asking to borrow sorrow No sugar no spice, just hard knocks in a jar-o In the cycles of the system, gears and mechanisms Metal schisms from the freedom lost, in mental prisons Need assistance? Well if you talking governmental Only qualify for that if you drugged up, overweight or simple Devil’s advocate, advocate for adderall A lot of A’s are combative y'all, abortion of the vaginal Kind and type, alien abduction Attack internal organs, shape form and function Rushin’ like I’m stormin’ something guns out Get to jumpin’, get to steppin’, never put the gun down Get the weapon, get the power, teach the lesson Smith and Wesson, trigger finger itchin’ for a testin’ It’s always guns… Makes me wonder for my Son
The Illumed 02:04
What’s the opposite of everything? that underlies the messaging Undermining lessening, summed up less than effort-ing What is nothing? How does something un-exist? No exits Energy flowing A to B in each direction Lessons grow long laborious, laboratory notorious Consumption of the shrubbery bring scenery so glorious Lo, among-st us lies a serpent, unearthly purpose Unearth it, it is lurking deep down below the surface Where we dwell the seventh circle, no one can stop inertia Laws of physics reign supreme to us fleshy earthlings Lowly creatures, unenlightened, alien construction Not abstract, real stones that survived destruction They don’t hear me though, put the lid back on the box ‘Cause Karma’s just a bitch, an Pandora’s sucking cocks Crack rock of the gods, pipe dreams of the sages Trek the stars in sound waves, I will beam through the ages Many pages long lost, had to recreate the basics Many phases of the matrix, universal containment Do you see? What’s the meaning to the madness? Who said it had one? Heard it was a gift, and you assumed the package contents Space is just a vacuum, dark matter crashes in Feel the gravity hold together, particles massive Can you fathom? You are nothing in the scheme of things That’s just the meat of things, meaning there is more to life than seeing things We will crash into the sun before we ever learn to fly Humanity undone, only ever learned to die Learn to stab a back before they ever learn to cry Let me at ‘em, give the green and I’ll proceed to murder minds Oh me, oh my, it's nothing to keep a move on Keep up exploring neurons, bring on exploding neutrons Newtonian physics debunked, multiverse dominions Quantum rhythms emanating from the first cataclysm
Red Prism 02:00
In the year 2020… I got 2020 vision, saw the red prism No admission of guilt, just stating the decision Gone fishin’ never find me, named Hidden, but don’t mind me Moved my missus to the sky, poof, gone like magicians Saw premonitions, swimmin’ in cloud with the fishes It’s consistent, we think about death ‘cause we miss it From nothing into something, hard to draw up consensus Draw out defenses, arrows, bullets and a sentence Powerpoint with a vengeance, start your engine, rev it up Machinations fuel imagination, so step it up Salutations to the sun, palpitations from the gamma rays Sanitize, mechanize, organic future on it’s dying day Connected round the globe, on many different frequencies What you mean? Artificial sequencing Frequently surrounded by algorithms, it’s sinking deep Come seek with me, wisdom’s words watch the stars wink at me Long distance they speak to me, beckoning what’s the question Cognitive congestion, we are not what we’re destined No second guessing, only on pot for a second Grab the keys and go, moon wax and wane, form a crescent Universal confession, death is everywhere your present No concession, energy become delicatessen Traversing dotted lines, geometric trajectories In seconds we arrive at the destination, no effort-ing Yeah, in the year 3020 no more messaging Everyone is everything, IP address connecting things API’s to the brain, beautiful complexity Put my words in the stars, intergalactic recipes Nothing but necessities, velocity increase Exhaust flow, combustion blow, the rocket is lifting Hit the orbit start drifting, conscious decision Everything got distant since I saw the red prism
Eve's Apple 02:23
Yeah I’m walking up this long road, climbing up these ladders Chutes and daggers with a snub nose, like that nothing matters Life is something like a braggart, lose yourself in the patterns Spacecraft pitter patter, from here and back to Saturn It’s a long way out, souls trapped in the atoms Electro-chemical chasms, in the brain like mini battles Draw the raffle, cosmic lottery, the audience is baffled By the winners life sentence, hammered by the judges gavel Life unraveled, string theory put it back together, build the scaffolding Defy gravity, magically lift your faculties Up, I mean up high, never coming back it seems Radioactive matter passing by me rapidly Imagining a star cruiser, whipping through the galaxy Crash landed, fathered Adam and Eve in true reality The apple’s just a symbol, descended from the mother Ship, ascension, hidden instructions left for the brothers Crawl up under, rip the wrinkles in the fabric Story tragic, space and time dance together so theatric Solar winds tear your god to bits, the lie is massive Ancestors saw the visions deep within and painted caverns Stone castles stand the test of time, life is much more fragile Agile creation make beauty, the universe in my satchel Treasure worthless, fill your purse with many fine thoughts Mazes in the mind, solve the puzzles with clues from the rhyme box Cruisin’ for a bruisin’ losing pressure, sudden time stop Divine intervention, advanced technology mind hop Mind hunter, Orion chasing cosmic antelope Anecdotes for the long journey, boredom's antidote Hand in hand in perfect time, we tip toe outside the lines Ancient astronauts, methodical, volatile to the mind See the grand design implanted seeds, human arise Once the crops mature, reset, then you will die Then you will die… Then you will die… Then you will die… Eve’s Apple, Eve’s Apple


Come aboard the ship with HiddenRoad and explore ancient knowledge long lost to the chronicles of time.. Navigate through 4 tracks wonderfully produced by Eremitic and emerge victorious with HiddenRoad on the other side of the "Empyrean Takeover"...


released July 3, 2020

Written & Performed by HiddenRoad
Produced by Eremitic
Mixed & Mastered by MatrixAudio
HRSUnderground, 2020


all rights reserved



HRSUnderground Fort Worth, Texas

Hardcore Hip-Hop / Rap over dope beats that go BANG.

For years, HiddenRoad & M-Acculate scoured the underground to assemble TONS of gritty albums and songs featuring themselves and other like minded rappers and producers from around the world. Culminating with the 2022 release of Hidden Underground 4, one story has officially come to its end; and yet, a new book begins.. ... more

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