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Earth Island

by HiddenRoad

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Earth Island 02:02
Verse 1 Yo, Hijack a UFO Fly up in the CIA, laughing at you bros Fuck rapping, ray gun clapping, blasting at you hos Intergalactic assassin, a master of speaking prose A maniac with it though, crash landed on Earth Island Collect diamonds, splice wires, raw science Silent killers how we move, mind state all violence Just a man against giants, I kill 'em with no kindness Simon says, lights out, scum, time to die now Brain like a gray's, let the power of the mind out Creatures, in the darkness, laser beam marksman Phaser keep it charging, never see me lethargic Hook Anti-gravity, lift stones, bash your fuckin' face in Invasion of the genre, boom bap amazing Spread doom across the nation, wild fire how we blazing No second chances once we bring the death rays in Verse 2 No matter the occasion Leaving all your vital organs spread across the pavement Cosmic bully my persona Fuck with me, no nada, in the way your a goner True loner, looking suspect, HRS face mask Walking down the block, looking for the beef, shake shack Gimme that, no take backs, get your face smacked Fucking with the mission I'm making him lay back You bust and I'll spray back, robotic defense system Launching missiles at your melon with a quarter inch precision Don't move a smidgen, I'm popping 'em with the pistol Me and Max run the ship, co-captain and that's official
Boogie Man 03:11
Verse 1 The boogie man is here Ten plus year vet, eat the rookie of the year You a pussy boy, get the fuck up outta here My squad keep it heavy, rough, rugged mountaineers You a bitch boy, fuckin' disgrace, always piss faced Living with your mom's curfew, don't be late On that grown man shit, like Sean P, not bitch made Megatron guns shooting' see me be dismayed Put my might on display, blast who coming this way No escape, see you lost in space, target get sprayed Get the fuck out the way, no respect On the war path gunning, we coming for your neck Step up, you getting checked, all hands on deck Taxes levied, equip the army, make sure we come correct All the punches connect, round over, got 'em wrecked When we around it's to collect the ones that you reject Rally the hordes from the underground, deep within the depths The boogie man coming to conquer, bringing your death Hook 1 After we gone they crawl out Rats and roaches, survived through the fall out In my shadow where y'all been, nobody quite like me A boogie man among men, boo! it's kind of frightening In my dust where y'all headed, in a flash like lightning Electric like Nicola Tesla, so exciting Almost blinding, hit the lights, bring the dark instead Return to purpose, I'm the boogie man beneath the bed Verse 2 Yeah, make way for the dick heads Assholes tend to stick together like a thick dread Step up, catch a sick burn, hair gone like a skinhead Lighting matches near the gasoline back behind the tin shed Paid no mind to role models, strong minded little bastard Running round the pasture, kept accelerating faster No regard for authority, I dwell outside the pattern sheep and cattle all around, I bring the wolf to the battle Put the meat on the platter, it's time to get fatter Affiliates really matter, ghouls together bring disaster You decide to ride with me, we can boogie man together Creep in shadows, yeah we probably be the boogie mans forever Lost forgotten in the maze despite the strong endeavors More cadavers in the haze, body parts getting severed yeah we keep it up, give a fuck, no reason to come around If I'm not under your bed I'm probably deep below the ground Hook 2 After we gone they crawl out Rats and roaches, survived through the fall out In my shadow where y'all been, nobody quite like me A boogie man among men, boo! it's kind of frightening In my dust where y'all headed, in a flash like lightning Electric like Nicola Tesla, so exciting Almost blinding, hit the lights, bring the dark instead Return to purpose, I'm the boogie man beneath the bed
Verse 1 Give a fuck about this rap shit Unleash the tractor beam pull you off your axis Evil dead, bringing dread, HRS the faction Gaining traction, hip hop re-imagined Re-imaged like a disc, kick, punch, like a fist Snare hit like a spliff, snake how the cymbal hiss ssssss, see me coming through the mist War bird, Romulan, appear from nothing something quick Hook 1 Mothra vs Godzilla, big beasts bash like a frat house Bitches try and stunt, moms living in the crack house MOP, how we mash out, bring the mask out Gun to the dome, now its time to whip the cash out Put it on the table, ray gun give you a facial Melt your face off, AK 47 barrel cooking bacon Burnt flesh, you can taste it in the air, the invasion Saucers fill the sky, lasers beam across the nation Verse 2 See me, then I vanish in the shadows Make your mind play tricks as your reality unravels Feeling baffled, dazzled how I'm striking with the gavel Pale Rider in the saddle, we been likened to the gravel Like a lycan how I howl, vampire when the suns out Awaken when the sun's down, dark mood with the guns out Jump up and get put down, old yeller Helter skelter, it's time for the weak to seek shelter Hook 2 Forward like a shark, teeth sharp and the bite big More than just the bark, gun small but the knife big Come up off the bike bitch, Deebo on the mic kids Snatching up your sentiment, like a chain that's priceless Make you swallow cinnamon, you gonna live, it's tentative Tentacles, stretch across the ocean, yeah we getting grip Energy is infinite, warp 10, set course to Jupiter After we finish Earth, we coming for the universe
Plan 9 02:26
Verse 1 Danger, danger, all hands on the block now Sentries take aim, intruders get shot down Apocalypse now, mentally prepped for decades Decimate your squad, take your queen like a chess game Guesstimate the body count, a whole fuckin' lot Excuse the French, we like Italy, keeping this shit on lock Pure dope in the pot, enter veins like a shot Keep the death rays hot, we melting you bumbaclots Invaders from the 9th dimension, evil intentions Unleash the 9th level of sentience in a sentence Contentious how I move, heavy hemi with a vengeance Metal steady, never bend it, keep running like an engine Verse 2 Let the dust settle then it's back onto the saddle Enemies found up shit's creek without a paddle Phaser on max for the battle Make your family weep like taking a baby's rattle Yeah, hand it over Be a hero, get flattened like a cat ran over Go splat, bugs bouncing off the grill of the craft going fast through the sky, up and down like a raft Put the scanners full blast, I smell weakness Abduction, run experiments, expose you to diseases Dispose you like a lab rat, suited in a hazmat visit from outer space concluded, we head back Verse 3 Stupid fucks, removing guts like an autopsy Small, 5'11 but pack a punch like a sawed shotty Lotta smoke, we Bob Marley, dead I am, Rob Zombie Hard body, Don Dada, John Gotti Knock off your socks like a hot toddy, uppercut Left, right, double punch, bitch pucker up Hit 'em up, fuck 'em up, catch 'em in the parking lot Pull up, put 'em in the trunk where it's dark and hot Tough like a gargoyle, demonic features Increased reverb, jeepers creepers, diseased creature Knife in the back, deceased Cesar, yes sir Take out the guesswork, leave this shit to the experts
Verse Hidden slip the gas mask on when the bombs blow Living in the end times, bodies in the compost Kill you in your condo, fierce like a condor Stacking up the ammo, bullets pierce, bonjour Hello and goodbye, I'll be back like an encore Onward with the army, conquer, fuck a concord Fuck peace, carry a piece in the glove box Fuck boys acting like some fruits, kumquats Can I get a drum roll, beef, let the gun smoke Rap from underneath, bringing heat like a sun stroke Pressure pop, Boston marathon, better run bro No seconds left for you to eat when I'm done, yo Stacking up the hundo's clips, not talking cash though Blast ho, smash like the hulk, super smash bros Black out, black ops, savage like a Sasquatch None of y'all can rap, lame as fuck like the Shazzbots Hook Keep the cash crop, give a fuck about these other guys God smack 'em from above as I'm humming by Saucer, how we hover, UAP's under cover Eyes crawl through the skies, clouds creak from the thunder Above the atmosphere, creep silent, be quiet Yeah we thrive out of sight, HRS the alliance Mad science in the lab, beakers hum from the boil Always on the edge, paranoid get the foil
Verse 1 One mission, won't stop, I'm a make the world still After that the universe, thirst for the kill Immersed in it, from the first minute of earth spinning Been cursing it, no church with it, the worst sinning I burst limits, disperse venom that mercs women And children, gunning for the end until then I'm illin' like a villain, dirt bag Sicilian Reptilian on the moon, no space suit, resilient One in a million odds, better dodge when I'm swinging Solar system feel the force, might of physics is what I'm bringing Like metaphorical demons, impact craters from kinesis Matter bust into pieces, you can feel gravity seize us Leaving seizures when we flash bright, pow, as we pass by Say goodnight to the bad guys, hands off the cash prize Get folded like a jack knife, don't forget to take your pills Same day the earth died, the day space stood still Verse 2 Exploding Neutron bombs, catapulting through the stars Cosmic alchemy, spaceship made of Mars Hollow moons, eternal tombs, Earth be the bars Break through the barricades, Hidden lead the charge To Cybertron, I rap till all the mics are gone The mice will run, click, clack, feel the lightning gun Crack, struck like a match, get 'er done Pandemic round the globe, where you gonna run Where you gonna go when the grid shuts down Chaos infiltrates your reality, what now Sit the fuck down, we call shots like the mob Put a hit on a bitch, get 'em popped like the mob 7.62 X 39, Double M Make your heart skip a beat, AK pointed at your friends Known to stop time, rip the fabric of space Warp perceptions, no trace, hit like slaps to the face






released August 1, 2020

Written, Performed & Produced by HiddenRoad
Mixed & Mastered by MatrixAudio
HRSUnderground, LLC 2020


all rights reserved



HRSUnderground Fort Worth, Texas

Hardcore Hip-Hop / Rap over dope beats that go BANG.

For years, HiddenRoad & M-Acculate scoured the underground to assemble TONS of gritty albums and songs featuring themselves and other like minded rappers and producers from around the world. Culminating with the 2022 release of Hidden Underground 4, one story has officially come to its end; and yet, a new book begins.. ... more

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