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No Love

by HiddenRoad & N95

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Verse 1 Now we're back in this bitch, Hidden N-9-5 Rip hard when I spit 'till they end my life I'm a wrecker, leave you fucked up when I speak Never preach, drop knowledge bombs, blow up the beat Took a rest for a sec, now we're back with designs So intricate in fact, click clack when I rhyme I'm a bust first, guns up, blast out the words Verbal assault weapons, spit fast nouns and verbs Machine with it, no pause, fuck the emotion No coastin' every track filled with commotion Boom bap, hard knock, no brag an boastin' Shit is real rap, flow deep like the ocean So forget the young ones This is old school, they can go listen to young thug This is soulful, listen to the hits from the drum kick Me and 9-5 always different from the dumb shit Verse 2 You rep for your state, for your city an your clique But that shit is played out, there's a bench, go and sit I'm a grown man, no time for kiddie teen games Sit back, let 'em enjoy that skinny jean fame Cause all the glitters ain't gold Most of 'em will be broke as shit when they old Move on, got a lot to say, AK spit Other rappers sucking dick like Ray J's bitch Kim K fans, Kanye West, tabloid dreams Never that, never me, fuck that fanboy scene I'm a magnum, kick back, stay in your face Yelling at these riffraff, better stay in your place I don't give a fuck, white or black, don't favor race You can all get hit when I'm spraying the mace I'm a ransack the fake, make sure they know shame Spit flames at the game, melt every gold chain
Headaches 02:21
Verse 1 Fuck fate, I make my own way through the headaches Don't sedate, embrace the daylight, cut the red tape Past, present, future, friends fake, fuckin' dead weight Words equivalent to blood, paddle through this red lake Twenty-Seven years, still got nothing to give I want what I want, don't give fuck, let me live Don't give a fuck 'bout the biz Just a hobby, but least I don't suck when I spit True grit, motto always better them than me Got a lot of missiles, ready, aim 'em at the enemy Age don't enter the equation, I've always been a teen Middle finger to authority until they sentence me Until they silence me, speak loud when the beat drop Say the wrong thing, six feet, gone to see Pac Censorship and free speech don't mesh, see the sea-saw Hand out free money, fund another recall They fund another recall You starve, they fund another recall Verse 2 Conscious free, no conscience, scream at the nonsense Craziness onset, drink bring jaundice Speak till I'm nauseous, vomit these words Music's no contest, but you got to be heard And so I'm destined to fail Cause I don't do it for the listener, I do it for myself Therapy, no Theraflu, serenade the fear in you Scream at the mirror till that mother fucker's hearing you Can you hear me now? Fuck a commercial Art is independent, never fuck with commercial Stuck in this universe, but not universal No purpose, the words put me back in this circle A pictures worth a thousand words, what if no one sees it God is everywhere until the day no one believes it A puzzle's not complete until you pick up all the pieces A record's not concrete if the record player siezes The point, what's the point of this shit Self expression's no point once you break off the tip
Double Cross 01:55
Verse I flick the ash from my cigarette In the corner, look past, see the silhouette I'm feelin' it, she feelin' it A lot of practice, sad looks killin' it She makes her way to my booth Feigned smile, named Stacy, staged introduce Introvert, but the words come freely Pours out her heart, couldn't wait to meet me Slides her money on the table Says I got the job if I'm willing and able Shows me a picture, who is it? he's the boss here Next time you see 'em, put 'em in your crosshairs I grabbed the cash and nodded Proceed to leave, look back to see if she bought it I'm solid, briefcase with a stone face Up the staircase in the window sit and wait 2 A.M. the bar will close Steady hands, eyes trained through the scope The rain sets the mood gloomy Tinge of excitement, feel it move through me The door opens, heart starts racing Boom! the shots true, it finds its mark Stacy Middle aged woman, dead on the street Late night meeting with her boss last week Repeat customer, said he had another job Double pay for the double cross Double pay for the double cross Double pay for the double cross
Void 01:57
Verse What the fuck are we doing here, unclear Staring at life's head lights, stuck like a deer, oh dear No remedy, no relief, just grief Wasted energy on enemies, yes indeed Just breathe, path still hidden, just leave Just a wait a sec for the rhythm to hit, it's just me Just be, happy for what, fuck that shit They treat life like a wife, well fuck that bitch Sold soul for jacks and a pog that features Alf Now I don't look like a slob when I bring the sneakers out Bring the speakers out, blast that N-9-5 Real phony when said by a guy who sounds like he might die Any second now, cause life is often fleeting Especially when you spend it listening to your heart beating In the dark bleeding, nothing so dramatic But all you feel is drama when your stuck up in the attic Getting fucked up, probably addict, let the body have it Internal battlefield, substance causing havoc Bottoms up, battle ship sunk, game over I'm destined for destiny's funk like a lame ogre I might as well hit the brakes, pop the trunk on a range rover That I don't even own, cause ownership is a slaveholder I own a lot of shit, but the chain's stolen Most people I know rock a chain with the same owner Over your head, but the point is it ain't over Pointless, like pointing in a void with a flame thrower
Verse 1 (Hidden) Turn the lights on, what we're writing is life long Words from the sages, make sure that the mics on The fights on, I squeeze the pen like a python Body the beat, I'm Verbal Kent mixed with a pipe bomb Boom, set the dynamite to detonate Make room for the sound, most likely it will resonate One-Forty pounds, MMA standard featherweight Quest for the crown, I will slam a fucking heavyweight Hurricane flows, wind blows, make the levy break Shuriken throws, stick foes till the metal break We meditate, minds full of supreme thoughts Then collaborate, without it the scene stops This is not the average simple pop song This is pure production, real emcees, hip-hop lives on True art is not a gimmick, it frolics in the air Knowledge knows no limits, never mind the bollocks, we are here Verse 2 (Verbal Kent)
Dark Clouds 02:43
Verse Dark clouds float up above, but fuck it I make my own way through the mud, the bucket Is full of bullshit, guns full of full clips Full of emptiness, impossible, fooling the foolish Smiles on the outside, storm in my brain Definition of alone, no one born in my lane Maintain, a word that is bound to be misleading Disdain for the definition, powerfully deceiving To maintain means no change An repetition is absurdity, it seems so strange We beg for routine, the result leaves us empty We search for a purpose, the quest never ending Cause purpose brings routine, which then brings purpose Then one day we wake up, it seems worthless Endless I cycle, I guess the answer is nothing is easy The question was never asked so the answer does not appease me I guess I'm one of those restless types Destined for a destiny full of restless nights And this is all becoming absurd I'm a fuckin' rapper, what's up with the spoken word It was one of those days Everything seemed wrong, everything turned grey Everything seemed pointless, the drive was lost It was out of my control but I couldn't write it off And that's not like me, no that's not like me No that's not like me, I didn't like me I try to stay strong, emotions are always difficult Put it in a song, the result is I sounds cynical Not an accurate depiction, for the future I feel hope But the more money I make, the more I feel broke And the more of this I take, The more I can't cope The carrots a mile high, hanging from four inches of rope And I can't reach it I try and teach what I learned but I can't teach shit Cause no one listens, or maybe I'm the problem Cause people come to me with theirs and in the end I solve 'em How can anyone learn if I do it for 'em No one worries about shit, cause I'm always there to warn 'em I'm always there to pick up the slack Put it all on my back, it's all on my back An now I'm back to where I started Definition of insanity, repetition is retarded So why do I do it, why do I do it
Verse Been a couple months since the double cross And I haven't taken another job Time off, everybody needs time But time is money, I got a dime for a dime Named Stacy, but Ten G's burns fast Hotel living, fine dining burns cash It don't last, so it's back to the pavement Ears to the streets, back to the basics No job lined up, no leads Walk through the west side, see where it leads This is where all the drug dealers slang Unsophisticated plot, kick the door, go bang But first I need a mark Find a couple dope heads, good place to start I know soon they'll need more Follow from a distance, watch where they score Post up, observe for the night Robbery is best served without a fight Watch for signs, at 4 A.M. the lights go out Grab the 9 from my belt, it's about to go down Kick the door, bust in yelling hands up Knocked to the floor, feel myself getting handcuffed Across the room I see Stacy's boss stand up I guess we never know where we'll land up
The One 01:38
Verse 1 I always felt like I was destined But now it feels like I made it to where the quest ends Lessons hard learned, mental self wrestlin' Restless, odd feeling, mental health in question So what's a soul to do When you look in the mirror and don't even now its you Don't even know what's true, disconnected Touch with reality severed, no perspective No reflection, mind hidden, not alive Two inside, maybe more, sometimes I wish I'd die I used to want to cry till I did it Laying balled up paranoid, this is not livin' Pictures vivid, limit the time spent livid I'm really trying this time, but trying's not winnin' Maybe nothing's worth winnin' Verse 2 I can feel it all crumbling The universe is fake, everything was always nothing Something, someone on my mind, cant get 'em off The medicine won't let him in, but he is never gone Swallow self, little aliens walking through my veins They are my thoughts, little critters always crawling through my brain Nothing is the same, maybe that's good Cause I've always been the type to never do the things they should Never doing all I could, all I can is nothing too Saw the future as a kid but now it's not coming true Nodded off for a decade, now I'm coming too But what I see is not the me I know, red becoming blue How am I supposed to choose a path when there's nothing left to prove How can I surpass and fight to win if there's nothing left to lose Destiny determined by our actions, we can't run Faced with the truth, I am not the one


No Love showcases HiddenRoad's trademark delivery over N95's soulful boom bap instrumentals...


released February 14, 2018

Written & Performed by HiddenRoad
Produced by N95
Mixed & Mastered by MatrixAudio
HRSUnderground, LLC 2018


all rights reserved



HRSUnderground Fort Worth, Texas

Hardcore Hip-Hop / Rap over dope beats that go BANG.

For years, HiddenRoad & M-Acculate scoured the underground to assemble TONS of gritty albums and songs featuring themselves and other like minded rappers and producers from around the world. Culminating with the 2022 release of Hidden Underground 4, one story has officially come to its end; and yet, a new book begins.. ... more

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